Welcome to Alton Confection S.R.L.


Hello, welcome to the website of Alton Confection SRL.

We are specialiced in the production of swimwear. In our company we have 70

production specialists who are working with the newest computer needlemachines and CAD CAM system from kerber. With this we are able to make high-end quality swimwear.

We are one of the best in underwired bra’s, but ofcourse we also make children’s and men’s swimwear.

Alton Confection started in 2001 after the current management got the oppurtunity to buy the factory from the previous Dutch owner.

This new management, mr. Ton Stijns and ms. Alina Stoica, changed the name in Alton Confection.

Mr. Stijns was an old technical director of the Tweka swimwear organisation in Tunesia.

In the previous 11 years Alton Confection worked for a few high-end brands in Europe, and of course we can provide references on request.

Advantages to work with Alton:

  1. -Very high quality

  2. -Specialised in small quantities

  3. -Quick deliveries possible on request

  4. -Competitive prices

  5. -Multilanguage company (Dutch, English and Romanian)

Ofcourse Alton Confection is always looking for new interesting clients and is able to produce all tricot products.

Feel free to browse our website and especially look at impressions, to see our factory and products.